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Center of Daring was born out of Liz Hamor’s realization that the nonprofit work she was doing to create a safer, more inclusive world for LGBTQ youth needed more daring leaders. There was so much work to be done, and so few people doing it.

For years she traveled alongside people who were ready to choose courage over comfort. Almost none of them started their journeys believing that they would be a powerful catalyst for change in their environment, but repeatedly she saw that when empowered with a few tools, a little education, and a bit of support, MAGIC happened. Courage is contagious, and when enough people get courageous, progress is possible.

Now Liz is taking those same tools and skills and broadening the reach to build more capacity for doing the work.

You’re welcome to join us. Whether you’re IN the Center of Daring and are finding yourself having to tap into courage you didn’t know you possessed, or you already know you ARE a Center of Daring, more powerful than you could have once imagined, we’re here to travel alongside you. 

Liz Hamor, she/her

CEO – Chief Empowerment Officer

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